Friday, December 30, 2005

This was from the 2004 pictures. I won't make another blog, most of them from Loreto are very similar to what I've already posted here. I made this trip with Dominique, a Basque, in his 70's. I know him from the racket ball club where I swim. We took his new Ford pickup and pulled this little 22 foot trailer. This was "my end" he got the bedroom. I spent a lot of time keeping a pretty extensive journal on this trip. We were gone a month, so this was about a 3 week beard by this time. We were in a campground near Loreto when this was taken.

This was a "Seafood Combo" in one of the places we ate in Loreto. Even had fresh Abolone, very tender...This is making me hungry!

Inside the Hotel in downtown Loreto. I posted 19 pictures to this blog. You can enlarge them by clicking on the picture. I just found this out! Thanks Mike...

Inside the lobby of the Hotel in Loreto. Preston, Karen, Pat and I.

The "Tree lined Street". This is usually a very slow town, but this day there were 2 Cruise ships in, so there were a lot of tourists. Mostly Canadian. There are a lot of nice shops along here, I'll be referring to it a lot in these pictures.

There was a festival going on while we were there. These were some of the dancers in the town square. They put on a very good show! This is right across from the bank at the end of the tree lined street. and about a block from the cafe that's shown at the end of this blog.

Bell tower in the Mission church. I think it may be the oldest or close to it on the Baja. Loreto used to be the capital, but it moved many year ago. I'm sure you'll learn all about it. I've been in so many of these Mexican town, I can't remember all the correct history, so better now try. You might check to see if the clock still says 1:30. It hasn't changed in the several times I've been there.

The only "Bathing Beauty?" on the beach! What a shot! Note the rough surf. It's not a real good beach....

Beach at Loreto. In April, it was in the 70's, unseasonably cool

This is a little bar and restaurant on the Tree lined street. they usually have a sign advertising happy hour. Two for one drinks, and they are GOOD. I had several in 2004 when I was there with Dominique, but was sticking to diet coke on this day. Note the Wal-mart, we didn't get it there, we took several cases with us in the van. :-) From the looks of it, I was the only one having coke!

This is Mama McLulu! See her place in the next picture. Good, clean, Street food!

This is street food at it's best! You'll pass it on the way to down town. It's not too far to walk there from the end of the tree lined street. She has a variety of different taco, with a lot of side dishes to fill them up. Right across the street is a nice restaurant that her son owns. She trained him

Lisa, if you need a phone to call a cab, they have several of these "working" phones around town. Just pick one up, and speak in Spanish, tell them you want a taxi! In Spanish, a taxi is called a taxi:-)

Statue in one of the courtyards from the Hotel in the following picture. This is a fountain, that should be put back in operation soon!

This old resort Hotel is directly across from the beach, and the harbor where the Cruise ships unload. It's been closed for a few years, but had sold just a few days before we were there in April 05. New owners from California, and plan a renovating job to open maybe this springs. We just happend to meet the previous owners son, he gave us a lot of details about the building and it's history. I'm glad it will be back in operation soon.

We walked a lot around town. This is a typical dwelling. It looks deserted, but there were people living it it. Of course there are a lot of nicer, and some "not so nice" places as well

A craftsman putting tiny beads on this ...whatever...Very slow work, and he's done some beautiful pieces. Not cheap, but nice! This was in a shop on the tree lined street

One of the many pottery shops you will see in Loreto. Better quality than what you see in the border towns.

Bell tower in the old church. I've been to Loreto 3 or 4 times, and sometimes you have to pay for a tour through this very old Mission church, sometimes they just let you wander through. In 05 there was no guides, so you were free to look all around. Old! and interesting.

Cups in one of the tourist shops. Very nicely done, they were on sale for about $5 each.

This is a very nice cafe, right in the middle of town. Less than a block from a bank and ATM machine. About a block from the town square, and the beginning of the tree lined street where all the tourist shops are. If there aren't any cruise ships in, is very quiet here. The prices are good and the food is excellent here. I can't remember the name, but you can't miss it.